Have A Great Vacation And Enjoy Our City

Our small, young and energetic team would like to host you at Eclectic.  We would love to share advice with you about your stay here in Tel-Aviv and help you meet all your holiday or business trip needs, in order to make it just perfect for you.

We love wining and dining in the city’s diverse restaurants. We love hanging out in the different bars and clubs. We love the warm and friendly people. We love roaming our streets at 4am and feeling perfectly safe. We love sitting in a popular coffee shop in the early morning watching the world go by.

We love going to the beach in the winter to watch the early morning surfers catch waves. We love strolling down our boardwalk watching the joggers on one side and the colorful sunset on the other.

We enjoy both the outdoor and indoor cultural events that take place all over the city, all year round. We love participating in the Gay Pride parade in early summer, and standing at the sidelines watching the Tel Aviv Marathon in winter. We love visiting galleries at midnight on “White Night” in July.

Is a slogan we can vouch for

Have a great vacation and enjoy our city.

Stylish upbeat apartments , perfectly located in the heart of the city’s chic center for both nightlife and culture. A few steps away from Rothschild Blvd., a 10 min. walk from the charming old neighborhood of Neve Zedek, a 10 min walk from the Habima National Theater and The Israeli National Philharmonic Orchestra auditorium, both newly renovated venues

The apartment is in a beautiful eclectic building. The architecture dates back to 1923, and the delightful building includes high ceilings, wooden floors, a recently uncovered original wall painting and decorative ornaments in the hallways.

Easily accessible, right in the neighborhood, you will find Tel Aviv’s best restaurants, with a wide variety of cuisines created by  Israel’s top leading chefs, the latest stylish clubs and vibrant bar lounges,  all a short 5 min walk away, and only a few steps away is the avant-garde music and fashion district of Rechov Hachashmal.

Tel-Aviv boasts an active contemporary art scene, and many of the  leading and most influential galleries are just around the corner,  presenting  new works by both Israeli and international artists.

Also in the neighborhood are several historic landmarks, such as the hall where David Ben-Gurion announced the establishment of the State of Israel at Beit Dizengoff, and the Hagana Museum which tells the story of the organization, which later became the IDF, with many interesting artifacts on display.

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